Bottles and Jars

Bottles and Jars

Our range of bottles and Jars with a difference.

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Bloody Mary's Liquid Soap Bottle Steampunk

Bloody Mary's Liquid Soap Bottle

The label claims it contains "Distilled Vampire Venom" , but sadly this Bloody Mary's Liquid Soap bo..


Bug Repellent Bottle Steampunk

Bug Repellent Bottle

Labelled with Flesh Eating Bug Repellent*, this stoppered bottle stands 20.5cm high and looks great ..


Pickles Jar Steampunk

Pickles Jar

A Jekyll Brothers Pickles Jar reputed to once contain "assorted Frogs, Newts and Snakes"...


Toxic Face Cream Jar Steampunk

Toxic Face Cream Jar

Formerly contained "slightly toxic face cream to take the hairs off your face" (possibly)..


Wolf's Bane Potion No.6 Bottle Steampunk

Wolf's Bane Potion No.6 Bottle

Wolf's Bane Potion No.6 take the edge off your lycanthropy.  Unfortunate;y potion not inc..


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