About Us

Sometimes life can be a bit too normal, a bit boring. We set up Dragon Heart Gifts to supply a bit of different to you.

You might want live to your life as part your favourite Gothic, Steampunk or Fantasy literature, film or TV series – whether it is Bram Stoker, Tolkien, Game of Thrones or Carry on Screaming. Alternatively you might prefer to present a more conformist front, only to subvert it with the odd item, just to make people to think again, do a double take or just smile.

Either way we have collected together items that we like – from ordinary, everyday, useful bits and pieces to the indulgent.  And we sell them from our normal, Lincolnshire village (well normal for Lincolnshire).

We are still adding items to our little emporium so do let us know if you would like us to stock anything in particular.

David Foster

Founder of Dragon Heart Gifts