For Men

For Men

Scattered through our ranges of jewellery and accessories are items  we think will appeal to the more disturbed discerning male. Rather than make you search throughout our whole site we have thoughtfully brought them all together to one place..

Of course once you've finished gazing in wonder and awe at our selection you might still want to have a look at the rest of the website anyway as we do have plenty to delight and disturb.

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3D Keyring Ace of Spades Gothic

3D Keyring Ace of Spades

A quality key ring with 3D "Ace of Spades" design..


3D Keyring Dripping Skull Gothic

3D Keyring Dripping Skull

A quality key ring with a colourful dripping skull design..


3D Keyring Sorrow for the Lost Gothic

3D Keyring Sorrow for the Lost

A quality key ring with an evocative 3D Gothic design..


Abstract Skull leather wallet Accessories

Abstract Skull leather wallet

A high quality embossed leather wallet. It is adorned with a stylised Skull...


Ace of Spades  Leather Wriststrap Gothic

Ace of Spades Leather Wriststrap

Life's tough, and life's a gamble, but you you'll prosper when you reinforce your luck of the draw!A..


Anne Stokes Steampunk Playing Cards Steampunk

Anne Stokes Steampunk Playing Cards

Anne Stokes has applied her style to these quite splendid Steampunk playing adjust your b..


Bicycle Alchemy II Playing Cards Gothic

Bicycle Alchemy II Playing Cards

A gorgeously designed deck of poker playing cards by the famous maker, Bicycle, incorporating origin..


Bicycle Zombies Playing Cards Steampunk

Bicycle Zombies Playing Cards

Bridge Night will never be the same again, with these wonderfully understated Zombie Playing Cards.C..


Bike leather wallet Accessories

Bike leather wallet

Embossed with a stylised Motorbike this high quality, leather wallet would enhance any back pocket..


Bindrune Hammer pendant Fantasy and New Age

Bindrune Hammer pendant

Authentically styled Scandinavian Thor's Hammer, incised with powerful bindrunes to command energy, ..


Black Scorpion figurine Fantasy and New Age

Black Scorpion figurine

Poised and ready to strike, a detailed scorpion statuette ..


Carpe Diem  Leather Wriststrap Gothic

Carpe Diem Leather Wriststrap

Unlucky 13, or defy life and be lucky? The classic tattoo - skull, dagger, roses and a scroll pronou..


Cesare's Veto Faux Stretcher Gothic

Cesare's Veto Faux Stretcher

Fresh from another expedient assassination, the 16th Cesare Borgia's Florentine solution to all poli..


Chaosium Cuff Studs Gothic

Chaosium Cuff Studs

Trappings in the spirit of the antihero, Elric, signalling a tendency towards the dark and anarchic...


Cthulhu Rising Leather Wriststrap Steampunk

Cthulhu Rising Leather Wriststrap

The giant god Cthulhu returns from the dead and his watery tomb at R'lyeh, to once again confront hi..


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