Artwork by Hopeless Maine co-creator, Tom Brown

Artwork by Hopeless Maine co-creator, Tom Brown

The art of Tom Brown is well known to Steampunks and graphic novel fans.

Probably best know the wonderful Hopeless Maine graphic novels he co-created, you also might have seen his work illustrating "Letters between Gentlemen" by Professor Elemental and Nimue Brown as well as  "The Raven’s Child", a with writer Thomas Sniegoski.

His art is always detailed and can be disturbing, dark, witty or whimsical...and sometimes all at the same time.

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Bridge of Bottles by Tom Brown

Bridge of Bottles

By acclaimed artist, Tom Brown "Bridge of Bottles" is a wonderfully haunting picture that would appe..


Hand of Glory by Tom Brown

Hand of Glory

By acclaimed artist, Tom Brown "Hand of Glory" is a typically, detailed picture that would appeal to..


He hears his (late) Masters voice by Tom Brown

He Hears His (Late) Masters Voice

A lovely example of Tom Brown's wit, "He hears his (late) Masters voice" is a  beautifully deta..


Neither Death nor Chatterton by Tom Brown

Neither Death nor Chatterton

Tom Brown's " Neither Death nor Chatterton" is full of intriguing detail (our favourites are th..


On the Shore by Tom Brown

On the Shore

Tom Brown's " On the shore": Beautiful, joyous, desperate or desolate?  Decide for yoursel..


These Our Revels by Tom Brown

These Our Revels

A wonderful piece of fantasy art, with a definite Lovecraft feel. Tom Brown's "These Our Revels" is ..


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